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Stop Having To Pay Someone Else To Run Your Facebook Ads
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Stop Wondering Where Your Next Client Is Going To Come From.
Feel Secure In Knowing You Have An Industry Expert Teaching You All The Secrets.
Attention Reiki and Energy Healers:

You're probably wondering where this came from, who made it, and why they can be trusted. I'm assuming this, because it's exactly what I would think if I happened upon this page.

I'm Martha Krejci, (The Tribefinder) and I'm a Rainmaker.  A Business Strategist.  And a Sales Automation Boss. (I have a little swagger with that...and I hope you have some confidence in what you do as well...if you don't, you will after the course, that's a promise.)

I work directly with hundreds of businesses every day to make sure they are not only booking their calendars for today, this week and this month...

But are also looking at the long term.

How will they make money in the future?  How can they start to build recurring revenue streams that don't require work?  How can they BUILD THEIR EMPIRE?

I've made this course specifically for you.

I'll teach you everything from how to run your own BOSS Facebook ads (let those folks that are charging you $500/mo+ you won't be needing their services anymore)...

To sharing a website that I built FOR you...that means it has ALL of the things a website that converts visitors to clients needs.

To teaching you how to run your social media so it's literally MAGNETIZING your future clients to you.

We will even go into how you can become an INFLUENCER and AUTHORITY in the industry.

AND You Will Receive 6 BONUS COURSES By Signing Up TODAY:

-Affiliate Marketing Profits

-Amazon Affiliate Profits

-The Complete Internet Marketing Strategy

-Facebook Ads DOMINATION

-Modern Instagram Marketing

-Reprogram Your Mind for SUCCESS
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this course has a money back guarantee!
Go ahead, give it a test drive.  If it doesn't look like something that will help you, email us at within 24 hours, and we will gladly refund your money, no questions asked.

Here's how it works...
As soon as you sign up, you will receive an email to set up your username and password, and away you go!  Instant access to this life-changing course.
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
Everything from how I felt about myself and my business it all changed.
Ruchi T 
I have so many exciting and big projects ahead of me, my mind and heart are buzzing. 
Sasha D
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  •  A built for you website from industry experts
  •  A lead generation funnel (fancy talk for a landing page that captures qualified lead's info)
  •  A walk through, step-by-step how to on creating Facebook ads, and re-targeting ads. (Includes installing the pixel and all you need)
  •  A full-on Social Media Strategy written and created specifically for Reiki and Energy Healing.
  •  Intensive training on how to become an authority in your industry and monetize the crud out of that.
  •  Learn to gather testimonials and use them to attract people that had no idea they even wanted to do this!
  •  Learn the absolute value of an email list, and how to set it up, automate it, and build it like the boss you are!
  •  Learn the in's and out's, do's and do not's of Facebook + Instagram.
  •  We will also go over how to stop trading hours for dollars...make money while you sleep.
  •  Discover how to automate things in your business that are taking too much time, and don't need to.
  •  Also, as bonuses, you will get interviews with a financial advisor as well as an expert in the field of getting free help from the government :)
  •  There are a few additional bonuses as well that will just be a SURPRISE!!
  •  After taking this course and implementing will have already set the stage for your EMPIRE.
That's well over $10,970... for just $997 $297!
You'd actually be crazy not to ;)

FOR JUST $10,970 $997 $297!

So, what happens after I sign up?
You will receive an email from me as soon as the course is live.  Then you will create your username and password and get at it!
Is there a guarantee?
Oh heck ya there's a guarantee!  We have the best guarantee in the business!  (Actually the ONLY money back guarantee in the biz)
We have a 24-hour money back guarantee.  All you have to do, if you start the course, and don't think it's for you, is just email us, and we'll refund you 100%.
What’s next?
Well, I think you know what you need to do :)

Now, you click the button and start planning the future of your dreams, because it's coming.
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
FOR JUST $10,970 $997 $297!
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